Stinky Food Tasting! Durian and Stinky Tofu


So Last week my family and friend Syndi ( she has a blog too just forgot the name) decided to try some stinky foods. What kinds of stinky foods are there? DURIAN! STINKY TOFU! LINBURGER CHEESE! (we didn’t eat that).  So we went to the store and bought the stuff. Then we tried it….

 This is a Durian

 Cutting open the Durian



So It wasn’t that bad.. I expected it to be much worse. Then!

This is Called Fermented Bean Curd Or Stinky Tofu. Okay, It was SO NASTY  we never even ate it! One whiff and you die. or puke.

 EWWWWW!!!! We had to hold our breaths for this photo!

Then! We ate at this not so good Korean resturant. They gave us two WHOLE deep fried fish. Head tail and all.

Yum Right? Well, Thats all for now! I’ll post ya later! p.s. That’s Syndi by the way!


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  1. Okay, you’re showin’ eatin’ the durian fruit–but what did it taste like??? Did it stink before you opened it? And did you even take a bite of the fermented tofu? What did your father think of the taste? How about the fish–weird lookin’–did it taste okay? What type of fish was it? Was it worthwhile to eat at that Korean restaurant? (Enquriing minds wanna’ know ).

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