How to Make Your Own Lip Conditioner and Lip Gloss+ Bonuses!(for Pumpkin!)


Hi everyone! I have gazillionz of un posted photos for yous today! Yay for you! (not for me!) I made two different lip items today; lip conditioner and lip gloss. I did tutorials on both and I’ll ‘splain on the way:

Step 1: Lip Conditoner

The materials you need are: old chapstick, empty container to hold it in*not shown*, microwave, microwave safe bowl*not shown*, blush, eyeshadow, pigment etc., scooper if you have pigment, bobby pin*not shown*. I also used makeup remover to clean up the mess.

Step 2:

Cut a bunch of chapstick (I used the whole thing) and put it into the microwave safe bowl. Each microwave is different but I put mine in for 4  thirty second intervals.

Step 3:

Add pigment. I added three scoops of this red.

Step 4-6 (no photos)

 Take your bobby pin and stir it. Then pour it into the container of choice. Hurry! It cools fast. Put it in the refrigerator for final chill time.(he he)


These were the two shades I made 🙂

Step 1: Lip Gloss

I made two different kinds. The one with the tutorial pics was the least helpful so I won’t enclose photos.

Ingredients: Vaseline, Old Eyeshadow, Stirrer, Container

Step 2:

Take some Vaseline and put in the container of choice. Break up old eyeshadow and put in in there. Stir that thing!

Ta Da!

 This is my shade!

So I hope these were helps for you guys! I have tons of bonus photos for you!

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Straightened Hair! For Pumpkin. Look How Long It Is!!! YAAAAY!!

Me being dumb with straight hair

Best dollar I Ever spent!

OOOOOOHHHHH A special! This was back in the olden days (November) before I had a Blog.!

This was a long post. I hope you beared with me! Ya love my hair right?


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  1. I’m lovin’ this! I really think making the Lip Conditioner/Balm was phenomenal! I think the colors were a good choice for you. Do they look good on you? If you aren’t happy with the color, could you re-melt the Lip Conditioner and add more colors to change it?

    My, my, my! I had no idea that you hair is as long as it is! WOW! Lookin’ great! I really love long hair, and by not messing with it too much (adding product, blow drying, straightening under heat, overly styling, etc.), you will continue to have healthy long hair. I know, it’s a bummer to not “do” things with your hair, but to keep it lookin’ healthy and all that, it’s pretty much “leave it alone.”

    I think using Vaseline in a lip product is totally yucky!!! Just a personal thing…I have a problem with having most anything on my lips, so putting Vaseline–eww!–just makes me shudder. And it didn’t look all that good when you made your own, too.

    Embrace your whiteness!!!! Nuthin’ wrong with it, what-so-ever! (Just like with your toes!) Remember, if you stay away from the sun, and don’t damage your skin, then when you get as ooooooold as me (53!), you will look like a stunning 43 year old!

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