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WP is spazzing


WordPress is spazzing! I can’t post more! Ill try later so you can get cought up but…. UGGGGHH!


Rock’n Roll mani!!!


YAY! I get to blog again. Oh man I’ve missed so much in a week and I have sooooooooooooo much to post too! This is my new(ish) wet’n’wild polish Nocturnal with a coat of Sephora by OPI It’s Boquet with me


Aqua makeup (a.k.a. the serrial killer)


I found this photo


and was like “Jessa, you like this so do it” and I did. As you can see, there is lots of eyeliner and on people with fair skin lots of eyeliner(black) makes you look like a serrial killer. Just sayin.

no that is not a nerdy watch, its tape. i used it in this look for my eyes. RARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! I look like death!

(another) Wet’n’Wild Cosmetics Review (kinda)


Hey guys, sorry for not posting recently! I have had sooooo much homework and projects and Iv’e been sick yesterday so yeah with more school work comes less free time? Idk. I got some more Wet’n’Wild stuff today! but I don’t feel like doing an official review today so this is an UNOFFICIAL REVIEW!

Remember that Shadow stick from the other wnw review? It was a big pain in the beauteau so I de potted it with a hairdryer! It was soo fun!

Mooving on! I got a nail polish (nocturnal) a lipstick (902c) and a white eyeliner (656a)

I like them all! The END.

What’s in My Purse?


Hello lovelies! I’m feeling a smidge better today. I decided to show you what’s in my purse.

1. My Purse

Old Navy

2. Lip Gloss, Hair Bands, etc.

lip gloss: American Girl and Smashbox

Hairstuff: Homade target

etc: expired Sally’s coupon

3. Random Things

Nerd Glasses, Joke teeth, topcoat, Mighty Bean(really cool!), Time of day, Taffy from Monterey, makeup samples

4. Cases, Holders, Bags, wallet, mirror

wallet: Vera Bradley

Mirrior: Vera Bradley

Zebra Bag: CVS Pharmacy

Pink THingy: Christmas Present

Last. More Random Things

comb, nail file, pencil, alcohol swab, medicine, head on (it works), breath strips, cleaning cloth, body butter sample in sweet lemon.

Well guys.  I hope you enjoyed my purse! Bye!