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So you are probably wondering why I’m not celebrating my 50th or 100th post but its because I didn’t realize it was the 50th when it was. I decided to do something different and put on photos of my trip to D.C. and Virgina. I’ll break these into parts because they are so long.

 The first day we went to the Capitol Building and this is me in the front(?) of it looking stupid.

 This was some of the inside

 Here is a place where Abraham Linclon stood. and thousands of other people including my brother

 There were lots of random dudes standing around. This guy looked funny.

and that concludes our tour at the Capitol. Any questions? no? k.

 air and space museum

moving on to Arlington National Cemetery. This is me again looking stupid in front of JFKs grave

 Everyone, say hi to Grandpa Ed. Aunt Stacy, this might look firmiliar

 My brother and me (yes thats correct) having creamer shots. Im choking this down unfortunately.

this is this awsome old building next to the Bereau of Printing and Engraving. It reminds me of the orphanage in Little Orpan Annie.

Okay guys, thats all for now. Ill put the rest on later. Hope you liked this! and Happy 70th post to you!

Uptaded: MAC Wishlist


Here it is, The now ever changing Mac Wishlist. I change it up quite a bit as I comb through the website so it will change frequently. And now I can officially say I DO own something from MAC. And yes, I’m still in Washington D.C. I will upload photos when I get the space to do it in but Mom’s being a nub.

MAC Prep and Prime translucent powder


Blooming Lovely

Show Orchid


Creme d’e Nude

Ruby Woo


Viva Glams (Cyndi Lauper,Lady Gaga)

(To The Beach)

Lazy Day


Like Venus

Love Alert

Extra Amps

Funtabulous (have it!)


Pink Poodle


Electric Eeel

Liberty of London Eyeshadows (all of them)

Stars n’ Rockets




Chrome Yellow


Powerpoint Eye pencil- Engraved, Permaplum

Technakol Liner: Photograverue


either one



Full Fuschia

Blushcreme: Poesy, Lillicent

Azalea Blush Ombre (if they still had it 😦

Pink Swoon








Golden Lemon

Magenta Madness



My Blogroll is Outa Whack!


My Blogroll doesn’t even work anymore. To be honest, I don’t even look a half of those blogs. Yup, I ditched them. Bye Bye. Here is a list of the websites, current blogs and youtube channels I use as blogs In order as I read them!:

Mac Cosmetics (

Temptalia (

Myeyeshadowisodd’s Channel (

From Head To Toe (

Doe Deere Blogazine (the lime crime lady) *(

Nihrida’s blog (

The Hungry Asian (


Give me an M, A, C, what’s that? MAC!!!


Yes people, that’s right, I went to MAC, and got something!!!!!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I got DazzleGlass in Funtabulous!

My Experience: I was super confused at first. But that was only because it was my first time. I didn’t realize you had to ask someone to find the things for you. But the lady was soooo nice!! She had the coolest makeup too! I told her it was my first time and she was like “oh ok, how can I help you”, I thought she was going to tell me to find it myself or something. I mean, I’ve been to MAC before but this was my first time buying something. AND I tried on a Superglass and I hated it!

 Blah! Bad picture. Sorry!

The Product: I ❤ Dazzleglass!! It’s awesome!! I love the texture (in moderation) and the dazzle is incredible!! but it was expensive, but what am I talking about, this is MAC people!

Im gonna pull a Temptalia here and grade the product


Product: 9





Upcoming News


adfwejwerijwrjier!!! HI! I have some exciting news for you! Well, its exciting for me not for you. he he. Yeah well. First, Tommorow (Friday) I can use makeup! WOOO HOOOO!! THen, Saturday, I am buying something AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its a surprise! I also have some reviews to come soon and this all fits into a couple days because on Tuesday I am flying to Washington D.C.!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Now I normally don’t plan my blog stuff, but I had to because I only have like 4 ish days to blog. And Ill try to blog In D.C. and yes, I’ll bring my makeup for all those bored moments at the hotel and on the plane but for now, enjoy this photo of my friend Jessica and me. (Talia is part of Team Nubsucker too)

How to press pigments!


Hey guys! Today is a DIY on how to press your own pigments a.k.a. turn them into eyeshadow. It’s actually very easy.


container to hold pigment

rubbing alchocol (isoprophyl)



something that fits in the pan

piece of cloth


Pour some alchocol into the bowl or cup


scoop in some pigment It doesn’t matter how much, as long as there is equal parts of both alchocol and pigment.


Put that into the pan and let it sit for about an hour.


Take the cloth and put it over the pan, put the object that fits into the pan on top and squezee.(This is a pair of old shorts and the pan of pigment is underneath)


Now you can use them just like regular eyeshadows.  The only problem (just warning you) is that they crumble really easily. So be sure to keep them somewhere safe and crumble proof.

Check out my awsome new sunglasses