How to press pigments!


Hey guys! Today is a DIY on how to press your own pigments a.k.a. turn them into eyeshadow. It’s actually very easy.


container to hold pigment

rubbing alchocol (isoprophyl)



something that fits in the pan

piece of cloth


Pour some alchocol into the bowl or cup


scoop in some pigment It doesn’t matter how much, as long as there is equal parts of both alchocol and pigment.


Put that into the pan and let it sit for about an hour.


Take the cloth and put it over the pan, put the object that fits into the pan on top and squezee.(This is a pair of old shorts and the pan of pigment is underneath)


Now you can use them just like regular eyeshadows.  The only problem (just warning you) is that they crumble really easily. So be sure to keep them somewhere safe and crumble proof.

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  1. Okay, I’m followin’ you here–and what a great idea, to press your own pigments.

    However, I have a question (yeah, yeah, like no surprise there, right??!). I don’t understand your instructions:
    “Take the cloth and put it over the pan, put the object that fits into the pan on top and squeeze.”

    Two questions, what is the “object that fits into the pan,” and why exactly are you doing this “squeezing”???

    I know that you will have an answer for me! Lookin’ forward to your explanation! I hope that you had fun in D.C.

  2. Maybe my instructions weren’t so clear. I could’nt find a way to put them in words. This process is the actual “pressing” of the pigment. The object is just another pan because my pans are so odly shaped, I couldn’t find anything else to fit into it.

    • So then, what does the pressing do? Does it remove extra alcohol? Does it push the pigment into the tin better? It was that I really didn’t understand why you needed to press and using scrap material in the process.

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