So you are probably wondering why I’m not celebrating my 50th or 100th post but its because I didn’t realize it was the 50th when it was. I decided to do something different and put on photos of my trip to D.C. and Virgina. I’ll break these into parts because they are so long.

 The first day we went to the Capitol Building and this is me in the front(?) of it looking stupid.

 This was some of the inside

 Here is a place where Abraham Linclon stood. and thousands of other people including my brother

 There were lots of random dudes standing around. This guy looked funny.

and that concludes our tour at the Capitol. Any questions? no? k.

 air and space museum

moving on to Arlington National Cemetery. This is me again looking stupid in front of JFKs grave

 Everyone, say hi to Grandpa Ed. Aunt Stacy, this might look firmiliar

 My brother and me (yes thats correct) having creamer shots. Im choking this down unfortunately.

this is this awsome old building next to the Bereau of Printing and Engraving. It reminds me of the orphanage in Little Orpan Annie.

Okay guys, thats all for now. Ill put the rest on later. Hope you liked this! and Happy 70th post to you!


About jessafloo

I love clothes, makeup and anything girly! I also like sports. Pretty wierd combo huh? If you have any suggestions on how to make my blog a better place I would love to hear it! You can leave me a comment or e-mail me at jessafloo@gmail.com.

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  1. WOW! Y’all must have had a blast–but I bet that it was soo much to process and remember. I’m envious of your trip.
    I think that having the honor of washing the Wall–wow, I just don’t have words for that…
    Actually, Jessa, I’ve never personally seen Daddy’s headstone. Only in photos, and those are what your father has shot, and shared with the rest of us. I really am glad that you had the opportunity to go to Arlington National Cemetery.
    Awesome, awesome, awesome trip! I hope that you will remember it as you grow older.

  2. Oh, yeah, I forgot this part–you’ve reached 70 posts already??? Wow, it doesn’t seem like that many. I do so enjoy your research and efforts that you take to inform us of your “adventures” into makeup and nail polish.
    You know, you can expand your blog, too, maybe some of your mental meanderings, or things that you do every day???

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