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Review: Lush Rub Rub Rub


What is it?        “a startlingly refreshing shower scrub”

This truly is a scrub in a bottle. I think it’s kind of cool and it being my first thing from lush *gasps* I didn’t know what to expect. To me it kind of smells like dishwasher detergent. Some people like that smell. I didn’t really mind but when I’m in the shower, I kind of want to be using something that smells a little bit more appealing. The product though is pretty good. I find that the salt starts to go away and it starts to lather up on your arms or legs.  and the color is pretty cool too.

Who Might Like it?: 

People with normal to dry skin and no problem with the scent of dishwasher detergent

Final Score: B+



Collective Haul!


Hey People, I’m back and I have a haul for you! Note: This is not my giveaway. Most of it is from Sallys but the rest is from random places. Let’s see what I got!

OOOOH! Goodies! Lets see here,

My new and only Urban Decay stuff,

Some nail polish, Covergirl LashblastFusion, a nail file, Lipstain, HIP Jellybalm (which was on clearance!),  Pore strips, Kiss Nails,

Mary Kay Creme Hilighter, Stippling Brush, Blotting Papers, Rimmel Royal Gloss, Mary Kay body mist in Winterberry, and Bath and Bodyworks Signature Cooling Mist (also on clearance!)

and Lush Rub Rub Rub. Most of this stuff I will do a review on so stay tuned and let me know about the giveaway still!

Giveaway!!! (maybe)


Hola! Just letting ya’ll know that I will Home shortly and you can expect a haul! So stay tuned! Also, I’m thinking about doing a giveaway but I need your input so I  try to have a poll up so you can let me know EDIT: The whole poll thing is not working so just tell me in the comments.



Hey Hey! So I have big news! I got my hair cut! Its really short and layered. I actually like it. At first I didn’t because I like it long but I think it was time for a change. But I still kinda miss my old hair and some of it is on my garage floor and I can hear it saying “Jessa! Jessa!”  Also, I will be going to Arizona shortly to visit some relatives. I love that place. I also ordered from the Urban Decay $5 sale! Super excited!  And if I know you from school (you know who you are) please don’t leave comments on my blog asking about my personal life. Thanks! So do ya wanna se pics of my new hair?



Ya Know what? I don’t need MAC! For a long time. I just don’t feel like wasting my money on it because it’s too expensive for me. Call me crazy but I just don’t want it for a long while.

My OPI Collection+Swatches!


I have really been wanting some new OPI shades and that inspired me to show my collection and do swatches!

These are all my OPI’s. I’ll only be swatching the full size ones for ya’ll

Russian Navy

Merry Midnight


No Room for the Blues

Who the Shrek are you?

We’ll always have Paris

Opi Ink (different from Russian Navy)

Princesses Rule!

This is just a no name orange that I think was from the Canada or Japan collection years ago.

Hope you liked my collection! Please subscribe!

Softlips Pure 100% Naturals Review


Nicole of Softlips sent me a whole bunch of Softlips products for review. YAY! Thank You Nicole! She sent me several collections but I wanted to do this one first since I was the most excited about it.

This comes with 8 things to make noticibly softer lips. The lip polish, lip butter, three lip tints, and three lip glosses. The tints and glosses match each other and come in three different colors: shell pink, coral charm, and natural honesty. Oh! and all of the things except the lip polish have SPF 15 which is great. I like to layer them and put a lip tint under the gloss but you could wear either alone too. The lip polish is an exfoliant that uses coconut flakes and sugar to take off all the lip crap. I like to use it in the morning. The lip butter is kind of like a clear gloss for very dry lips. Its not my favorite item but it works for some extra shine if I want it. I was very impressed by all of these things. The only thing is that the lip tints don’t glide as well as their regular lip products but that doesn’t really bother me

These are the lip tints and as you can see they are super sheer. I like them alone because they kind of look like a lip stain.

The lip glosses

both of them together.

Okay, and I don’t need to show the swatches of the lip butter or lip polish because they are clear so yeah. Again thank you Nicole! and please subscribe!