BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette Review


Hi Everyone!!! I am SOOO Behind in blogging. About a month ago I bought the BH Cosmetics 88 Matte Palette. I am ready to review like normal so here’s what I have to say:

Most of these colors are matte but a few have some shimmer to them if you can see. Here are some swatches of these amazing colors.

And the great thing about these is that they stay for a LONG time. These swatches stayed until the next morning.Lets talk about the many problems of this product shall we? First off  there’s this cover over the shadows that is starting to fall off. Now that may be a problem considering the fact that I would like to keep my eyeshadows intact. Second, When I was traveling, I arrived in the hotel and pulled this palette out and one of the eyeshadows was crumbled! AHHHH! And whenever I use this the eyeshadow dust spreads everywhere in the palatte mixing with other colors and leaving a big mess. I am not pleased at all with this thing. I mean sure the colors are great but THATS IT!

Final Grade: C


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