School Supplies I Recommend


Hey folks! So we all know that school is coming up, and for some, it’s already started! I wanted to show you guys what I reccomend for school supplies:

1. Binder,Binder Dividers, and Dictionary

These are essential to keeping organized. Don’t have these and your head will fall off. I like the binders with the clear pocket thingys so you can put in pictures of things you like. And the Websters Dictionary is great because it fits right into your binder. It’s always with you! and the binder dividers are probably the most important because they seperate each subject in your binder.

2. Notebook paper and Index cards

Notebook paper is a nother must. You use it pretty much every day. I also like using Index cards for presentations and stuff like that. They’re  good for quick little notes.

3. Writing Utensils!

I can not stress enough how important it is to keep a writing utensil with you AT ALL TIMES. Usually, people don’t have extras. Also, have extras. My all time favorite pens are the black erasable kinds. These things are amazing. My school does peer editing, so If yours does too, then have grading pens.

4. Hilighters+ Colored Pencils

Hilighters, I never really used them until last year. They are great. You forget stuff a lot so just hilight it. Get them in bright colors, it’s more fun that way! Colored pencils are used for projects so keep them on hand.

5. Planner and Compostion notebooks

Okay, again, unless you want your head to fall off, get a planner! You probably want a one that has boxes for each day so you can write down your homework. Last year, this was a lifesaver. And I perfer composition notebooks to regular notebooks just because their neater and stuff.

6. Pencil Cases, Book Covers, etc.

You want a pencil case because, what else is gonna hold all that stuff? Ya know during the beginning of the year when they give you your textbooks and make sure you take care of them by writing your name down? Book covers help take care of that and they make your books look cute! I also included a usb drive because we do a lot of work on the computers and you want to bring that home to work on right?

7. Locker Decor!

Target has some great locker decor. I chose a holder with a mirror and a little clock, which I thought would come in handy since I dont wear a watch or carry a time device. You can also cut out little pictures from magazines and tape them to the inside of your door. I put some things in the holder for full effect.

8. Emergency Bag

I used this tecnique last year and It was fabulous! Just take a little makeup bag and fill it with all of the things you need in just in case such as –hem hem- girly items (I keep them in a little pouch), lipgloss, advil, hair ties, band aids, mints etc.

Well, that concludes the post. I hope this helped. Thanks for reading!


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I love clothes, makeup and anything girly! I also like sports. Pretty wierd combo huh? If you have any suggestions on how to make my blog a better place I would love to hear it! You can leave me a comment or e-mail me at

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  1. I love it! I’m super jealous cuz ur school has lockers. :(. Our school just has gym lockers. I really like the emergency items too! Lol rock on girl!!

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