Back To School!: What’s in YOUR Makeup bag?


When I did the Back To School Essentials post I talked about stuff you want in a makeup bag. I decided to expound on that a little bit. Also I found my concealer which I had lost for ages.

The Bag

you want a really cute bag to hold all your makeup. This is a $10 bag from Payless

Blotting Papers, Hairspray, Lipstain, and Lipglosses. I reccomend lipstains because they last a long time.

Lip balm(with spf), concealer and smell bag(?) A smell bag is something my mom made out of lavender flowers and a bag thing. I put this in my PE locker to make it smell better You can also use car air fresheners>
Ok so theres an error or something on my computer which is preventing me from putting on the next photo and I cant type punctuation marks> so sorry
Extra Bucks hair ties and bobby pins


About jessafloo

I love clothes, makeup and anything girly! I also like sports. Pretty wierd combo huh? If you have any suggestions on how to make my blog a better place I would love to hear it! You can leave me a comment or e-mail me at

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  1. Maybe you want to call it an “aromatic’s” bag, or a sachet.
    Okay…what do you do with rice paper? Or would this be considered ‘blotting paper’–again something I don’t know about and would looove clarification.


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