Review: Biore Pore Strips


Hey Folks. It’s been about a month and I decided to review Biore Pore Strips.They come in an ultra deep clensing pack, deep clensing pack, and combo pack. These nifty little things run from about $7.99-$9.99 depending on which type you buy. I bought the combo pack.

Start off with a clean face. Wet the areas that you are putting the pore strips on, they don’t stick to dry skin. Put them on and wait for about 10minutes. You know their ready to peel off when they feel hard. Then peel them off and look at what was in your pores. Cool right?

I definately think these are cool. They get some dirt out of my pores. Although when I’m all finished I can still see black dots on my skin.  And they are pretty drying and leave some sticky residue left on your skin. I reccomend following by washing your face and moisturizing.Must haves? No

Final Grade: B


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  1. Hi Honey~

    I have a question: why didn’t you say that those Pore Strips are “must haves”? Seems like they do an excellent job of getting the blackheads off. Just wondering.

    One other question: Can I use this last picture of you for our Christmas card???

    Love, Pumpkin

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