Review: Maybelline VolumeXL Seduction Lip Plumper in Fully Blushed (100th post!!!!)


Happy 100th post! I decided to celebrate by doing something totally epic: a Review! Not. I’m not as excited for this as I was for my 50th post. If you want to celebrate for me that would be great. Go ahead and throw a party, stay up late, do whatever I don’t really care. This review has been long awaited. Coleen gave this to me to review like, three months ago but I never got to it until now.

Basically what this is is an opaque gloss pen with plumping action infused into it. You click the bottom and the gloss comes out. It is extremely opaque and this is a very bright shade. It also tastes kinda weird, like orange or something. Lets take a look:

The applicator. wow thats blurry. Sorry!

It definately has plumping qualities. Its not very comfortable on your lips and its very thick. It takes a good 15 minutes to stop tingling. Overall, I don’t really like this product.

Final Grade: C

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