Monthly Archives: November 2010

Blue-Green Eye Look!


Okay, quality is wayyy better than the last post with these pics. This is one of my favorite looks so far! I used some pigments from TKB. You can see my haul fromĀ it here: EDIT: Just letting you know, my eyes are blue green but I meant to say that the makeup here was blueish green.

Hopefully this makes up for the mermaid look! Don’t forget to Comment and Subscribe!


Mermaid Look (again)


Hey Guys! The reason I’ve been MIA recently is because my computer has had a virus for like, a week and a half so I haven’t been able to get on the computer and post. Anyways, I know I did a mermaid look a while back but that was just thrown together with poor quality. This one is much better. I pretty much just used my 88 colors palette. I also used Wet n Wild Mega Eyes liquid eyeliner in blue with some glitter pressed over it for the scales. On my lips is Rimmel Kiss lipstick. P.S. I’ve been having some problems with my picture taking skills lately. Most all of these were blurry! I apoligise in advance for my clumsines.