Hey Guys! Yes, I’m still alive. I need some suggestions for any upcoming posts! Any makeup looks that you want me to do? Tell Me! Any Tags? What? Whatever you have let me know. K? k.


About jessafloo

I love clothes, makeup and anything girly! I also like sports. Pretty wierd combo huh? If you have any suggestions on how to make my blog a better place I would love to hear it! You can leave me a comment or e-mail me at

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  1. Could you explain to me why all the hoopla over the various brands of makeup? Such as why all the hoopla over a brand such as MAC? Do you really think it’s worth all the hype, or is Covergirl just as good?
    Have you seen this page?,Best-Make-up-Brands
    whadda’ ya’ think?
    You know, waaaaaaay back in “the day” when I was [temporarily] using makeup, I remember deciding that since I was learning new hand movements (for example, putting on mascara), that I would train both my right hand and my left hand. Therefore, I did my right eye with my right hand, and my left eye with my left hand. Kept me from having awkward hand positioning when looking into the mirror, fer sure! Ever tried it???

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