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My Past 2 Outfits of the Day


I’ve never done outfit of the days before. I don’t know why. Hopefully this will give you a glimpse of what I have been wearing lately. I will list where everything is from somewhere near the picture it belongs to. Also, just wanted to give a shoutout to any Harry Potter fans. I’m at the end of book 6(Half-Blood Prince) so don’t ruin anything. Go Harry Potter!(I’m such a nerd)

Outfit 1:

Sorry you can’t see the shoes very well! You’ll see them later. I did this so you could see my nails ring, and bracelet.

Dress: Forever 21  Leggings: Old Navy  Boots: Target  Ring: c28  Bracelet: somewhere in Asia   Nails: Opi No Room For The Blues

Outfit 2:

Here are the shoes. And later I put my hair up in a ponytail.

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Shirt: c28  Jeans: Target  Boots: Target   Ring:c28   Nails: Essie Jagu-are


Review: Up and Up Makeup Remover


Hi. This review is on Up and Up brand Makeup Remover. Up and Up is the Target generic version of just about everything in the store. As you know, generic is usually similar if not identical to the product it is compared to. On this bottle it says it is comparable to L’oreal Eye Makeup Remover which was significantly more expensive. This particular makeup remover was around $4 at Target.

Here, I have a really dark black look (really ugly too). I took it off as much as I could with this makeup remover. You can see the end results.

After I took it off:

This was after constant rubbing and practaclly taking my skin off. As you can see, there is still some black in my lash line. As a contact wearer, I have to make sure all of my makeup comes off. Otherwise I have a problem. Even the days I don’t wear my contacts, I just don’t do leftover makeup. Nor should you. As you can tell, this makeup remover sucks. It took me 5 minutes to take all of this off. On regula days its just as hard. I extremely don’t recommend this to anyone. At all.

Final Grade: D

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Haircut!+ Other Stuff


HEY! I got a haircut! This one is really cool. Its really short. Im practically bald but I love it. I decided to get  a crop cut. I wanted something dramatic ya know? I also dyed it brown! You get to see at the end of the post but first I want to show you what I got for christmas. I also just yesterday got the Urban Decay NAKED palette! If you don’t know, It is a palette full of 12 full size neutral but not boring eyeshadows, a mini primer potion, and a double ended eyeliner. This is good stuff. I also got a new camera for Christmas which all these photos are coming from. Its a canon digital elph power shot something or other. It takes amazing pictures!

I won’t show it all yet, thats another post but this is it for now. First, I got a sweet walette from Vera Bradley. Its pretty cool.

I got this sample kit from Ulta. It comes with a bunch of awesome samples.

Mac Gift card!Sweet! THis is just to name a few things. I got

Now on to the haircut. Are you ready?



WHOA! I lied. I didn’t get a crop cut. I didn’t dye it either. Haha. January Fools! Do you like it? I got my layers done again and I got bangs! Cools! I didn’t straighten it myself, the lady did in case you’re wondering.

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