Haircut!+ Other Stuff


HEY! I got a haircut! This one is really cool. Its really short. Im practically bald but I love it. I decided to get  a crop cut. I wanted something dramatic ya know? I also dyed it brown! You get to see at the end of the post but first I want to show you what I got for christmas. I also just yesterday got the Urban Decay NAKED palette! If you don’t know, It is a palette full of 12 full size neutral but not boring eyeshadows, a mini primer potion, and a double ended eyeliner. This is good stuff. I also got a new camera for Christmas which all these photos are coming from. Its a canon digital elph power shot something or other. It takes amazing pictures!

I won’t show it all yet, thats another post but this is it for now. First, I got a sweet walette from Vera Bradley. Its pretty cool.

I got this sample kit from Ulta. It comes with a bunch of awesome samples.

Mac Gift card!Sweet! THis is just to name a few things. I got

Now on to the haircut. Are you ready?



WHOA! I lied. I didn’t get a crop cut. I didn’t dye it either. Haha. January Fools! Do you like it? I got my layers done again and I got bangs! Cools! I didn’t straighten it myself, the lady did in case you’re wondering.

Yay! I hope you guys like it! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!!!!!!!!!! bye!


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I love clothes, makeup and anything girly! I also like sports. Pretty wierd combo huh? If you have any suggestions on how to make my blog a better place I would love to hear it! You can leave me a comment or e-mail me at

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  1. Oh, maaaan–you scared the snot outta’ me! I was really afraid that you HAD cut your hair! Whew! …and colorin’ it brown??? Not even!
    Your new hair cut looks fabulous! I like the bangs–they add sophistication to your haircut.

    • Thank you Katie for explaining it to me. I thought that it might be a book lamp, except that it was clipped on a lamp which was *already* there! lol
      I guess the table lamp isn’t bright enough…

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