Review: Up and Up Makeup Remover


Hi. This review is on Up and Up brand Makeup Remover. Up and Up is the Target generic version of just about everything in the store. As you know, generic is usually similar if not identical to the product it is compared to. On this bottle it says it is comparable to L’oreal Eye Makeup Remover which was significantly more expensive. This particular makeup remover was around $4 at Target.

Here, I have a really dark black look (really ugly too). I took it off as much as I could with this makeup remover. You can see the end results.

After I took it off:

This was after constant rubbing and practaclly taking my skin off. As you can see, there is still some black in my lash line. As a contact wearer, I have to make sure all of my makeup comes off. Otherwise I have a problem. Even the days I don’t wear my contacts, I just don’t do leftover makeup. Nor should you. As you can tell, this makeup remover sucks. It took me 5 minutes to take all of this off. On regula days its just as hard. I extremely don’t recommend this to anyone. At all.

Final Grade: D

Anyways. I hope you guys had a lovely week. Subscribe!


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