Nail of The Day: Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish strips in Misbehaved


So this nail of the day I love! I decided to try out these nail strips that you may have seen lying around drugstores from SallY Hansen. I decided to get the shade Misbehaved. No because these strips are pretty unique I decided to do a mini review as well. This little box comes with 16 strips of actual dry nail polish so you can fit them to your nail. They run for around $8.99 at most drugstores. I don’t have pictures of the actual application process but I can give you pretty detailed directions. There is a clear protective cover on each strip so the first thing is to peel that off. Then there is a paper backing on them, take that off but be careful not to tear the nail polish because it is kind of delicate. Then pull the tab off the top of the nail polish strip again being careful. Gently stick on your nail. There is going to be some excess sticking out depending on how long your nails are. File it off. Ta Da!!! Also a few bonus pictures of my friend Kimber’s nails!







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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea for a product.

    What do you think about these nail polish strips?? Do they wear off like applied nail polish? Do you need to remove it with polish remover? (enquiring minds wanna’ know…)

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