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Live in these JEANS!


Im super sorry for the lack of posts! I honestly have been busier than ever in the past few weeks! Although, I have been taking pictures here and there, I hope to be uploading more posts. I also have a beauty post in mind so stay tuned! This post is on an outfit I wore recently featuring some of my favorite pieces for fall. Specifically these jeans. They are American Eagle jeggings and I am in LOVE! I highly recomend trying them out because they are seriously the most comfortable things since i don’t even know.

 oh and I apoligize for the bad lighting in these! It was late.

This one was totally taken at the wrong time. I loved the look of it though!

Sweater: Target

Boots(not really shown) Target

Earrings: Forever21

Hope you guys liked! Comment and all that! ❤